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Adapting to Change: Škoda Group's Management Restructure Targets Evolving Market Dynamics

Adapting to Change: Škoda Group's Management Restructure Targets Evolving Market Dynamics
photo: Škoda Group/Adapting to Change: Škoda Group's Management Restructure Targets Evolving Market Dynamics
21 / 10 / 2023

Škoda Group, a leading European manufacturer of public transport solutions, has undertaken a strategic transformation of its top management and organisational structure. The aim is to optimise operational performance and adapt to evolving market dynamics. With effect from Wednesday 11 October 2023, Didier Pfleger was appointed Executive Chairman and Petr Novotný became the new CEO of Škoda Group. To increase efficiency, the group is also merging its four business regions into two and appointing a new COO. These changes position Škoda Group for future growth, innovation and adaptability in a dynamic global environment.

The new organisational structure focuses more on operational performance management and the associated increase in the authority and responsibility of individual departments and divisions. As part of this change, the group's highest management has been realigned into two key positions.

Didier Pfleger, previously CEO, has been appointed to the position of Executive Chairman. In this role, he will provide strategic leadership and set the overall vision of Škoda Group. He will use his extensive experience and expertise to shape the future direction of the group, promote innovation, and strengthen partnerships and public affairs.

“Our group has experienced unprecedented growth and expansion over the past three years. This is thanks to a management team that has faced challenging market and supply chain conditions. And my goal is to enable Škoda to continue this growth. The organisational change that has taken place means we are ready to adapt to market dynamics and navigate a rapidly changing environment. Our vision is clear - to continue to be a leader in advanced and sustainable public transport solutions,” Didier Pfleger commented on the changes.

Petr Novotný takes over the role of CEO of Škoda Group. He will be responsible for the operation of all group divisions and production sites as well as for the strategic implementation of all group activities. He brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership skills to ensure that Škoda Group will continue to thrive and develop in a dynamic environment.  

“The role of CEO of Škoda Group is an honour for me. At the same time, it is a great commitment and responsibility. Škoda Group is a company with a great tradition and I am ready to help it on its path to further growth so that it becomes even more efficient and flexible. Our mission is to provide the world with public transport solutions that are at the forefront of technology and bring benefits to our customers and citizens,” concluded Petr Novotný.

Along with these changes, the group will reorganise its business regions. The existing four are merged into two. Region CZ/SK merges with Region Central East and Region West merges with Region North. The merged regions will be led by Tomáš Ignačák, President of Region CZ/SK & Central East, and Jan C. Harder, President of Region West & North.  

Zdeněk Sváta will move to the role of COO of Škoda Group. As COO, he will cover all activities related to Operations, Sourcing and Project Management Office.

Source: Škoda Group