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A hot case in Prague: Hlubučka replaces Plamínková, unease remains

A hot case in Prague: Hlubučka replaces Plamínková, unease remains
photo: STAN Press Releases/Prague Public Transit Company/A hot case in Prague: Hlubučka replaces Plamínková, unease remains
22 / 06 / 2022

Jana Plamínková (STAN) has been elected to replace former deputy mayor Hlubuček (STAN), who was detained by the police and suspected of participating in an organised group that was supposed to influence the contracts of the Prague Public Transit Company. Why?

Last week, the Czech Republic was shocked by the case of the former deputy mayor, Petr Hlubuček, arrested by the police as part of the Dozimetr operation and charged with corruption and participation in an organised group. Along with Hlubuček, ten other people have been charged. The STAN politician was one of the leaders in the group. His task was to use his political influence to place pre-selected reliable managers in key positions in the Prague Public Transit Company. These managers subsequently cooperated closely with the group.

The key name, in this case, is Michal Redl, a Zlín businessman with long fingers in both politics and business. It is proven by Redl's contact with Education Minister Gazdík (STAN), who announced his resignation yesterday as of 30 June. Interestingly, Redl has also done business with Radovan Krejcir in the past.

Jana Plamínková, also from the STAN movement, was elected to replace Hlubuček. The new councillor and deputy mayor already have experience from the last term in Prague. She served as a councillor for the environment. Plamínková also serves as mayor of Slivenec. According to her statement to the media, she was shocked by the situation around Hlubuček.

However, Plamínková's election is causing controversy, especially among opposition councillors. According to one of them, Radomír Nepil (ANO), Plamínková consulted with STAN MEP Polčák about the filling of some positions at Prague City Hall. He, too, had ties to the controversial businessman Redl. Nepil, an opposition deputy, suggested that Polčák did not have to keep his consultations on staffing to himself and could have dealt with Redl. Plamínková rejected this possibility.

It is not only the opposition movement ANO that has a problem with Plamínková's appointment to Hlubuček's post, but also the coalition Pirates. Jakub Michálek, the head of the Pirates' parliamentary club, said this in the media. In his opinion, Plamínková is from the same background, and it is not desirable for her to hold the post of Prague councillor.